Monday, January 25, 2010

Sounding Board For The Masses (or how I learned to shut up and speak)

How to begin?
At times it seems endless. This lofty position I’ve so glibly accepted as ear to the world; therapist to the minions; and sounding board for the masses. If I thought for one precious second that all this time spent nodding my head, and lending poor advice were being wasted, I’d say, “Enough is enough already!” But au contraire mon amis. I foolishly set forth into the uncharted regions of mans love-clouded mind. I wantonly excoriate my dearest friends for mistakes I haven’t even made yet. I laud the virtues of patience and tolerance, when in fact; I am the largest transgressor of both. Yet the words continue to flow. The love-lorn continue to stagger up to my doorstep, laying their tangled lives at my feet, expecting me, of all people, to put things right for them once again. But who will lend an ear to my darkest anxieties when they finally become unbearable? When will my time come, or will I always and forever be the receptacle of other people’s sordid unravelings? I see not the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, but I do see where this is all going…

The Big One Regular Kid 1992

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